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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Katherine Philips and her critics

Katherine Philips started writing soon after her marriage and during her lifetime she saw only two of her books in print. The first book was a translation of Corneille's play La mort de Pompee. The second book was an unauthorized book of poems called Poems by the Incomparable Mrs. K.P. in 1664. This book was withdrawn from publication only a few days after it had started on the request of Katherine. She was "discovered" by the poet Henry Vaughan, who not praised her in his work but also wrote a memorial poem about her.

During the time period, Katherine Philips was seen as a respectable woman who was the opposite of the scandal created by Aphra Behn. Because of her refined writing style, Katheine was seen as one of the best-known female poets of the time. Her writing was seen as clean but full of very strong feelings but within the conventions of the time. Katherine was a "safe" female poet for both women and men to read and praise. The modern critics question her female friendships.